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GS&S services are oriented to improve plant productivity, increasing process efficiency and reducing costs.

Our high-qualified technicians analyze plant performances and suggest improving solutions to the customer. We are aware that our clients are demanding productivity gains and reduced cycle-time on every outage, whether planned or unplanned. Our company achieves this goal with the highest regard to safety, bringing your refinery, LNG plant, process plant back online faster and more efficient. Remote diagnostic allows our technicians and our customer to monitor plant parameters, offering the possibility to suggest improvements able to increase customer business.


GS&S provides scheduled and unscheduled maintenance program for plant units and control system. This service really improves plant performance and efficiency, reducing the impact of malfunctioning or stop of the plant and the consequent loss of productivity.

Our services are oriented to monitor plant and unit behavior, with several tests that do NOT REQUIRE UNIT OR PLANT TO BE STOPPED.
Our technicians can provide maintenance programs, in order to minimize unit and plant stop time, acting before expensive failure occurs. This allows the customer to save time and money, having always running units with the maximum efficiency. Remote diagnostic supports the customer to improve maintenance program and failure prevention capability, offering high qualified personnel and solution worldwide.


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