GS&S can offer its experience to provide diagnostic and telediagnostic system, allowing our personnel and customer to monitor plant or machinery status, also from remote location, using the common network protocol, with the most recent industrial security protocol.

With our system, customer can dispose of a tout-court system able to keep plant, unit and single phenomena under monitoring 24/7.
We can also supply an expertise headquarter able to monitor plant and unit parameters 24/7, identifying anomalies, issues or criticalities, notifying the customer in advance, increasing and optimizing the plant production.
The RM&D (Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic) system is able to diagnose a particular symptom, issue or problem from a distant location, allowing the operators to intervene quickly saving money and time. Information exchange occurs either by wire or wireless network.
When limiting to systems, a general accepted definition is: "To improve reliability of vital or capital-intensive installations and reduce the maintenance costs by avoiding unplanned maintenance, by monitoring the condition of the system remotely."
The telediagnostic workflow can be summarized in the following 5 points:

  • Remotely monitor selected critical system parameters
  • Data Analysis to detect trends
  • Comparison with known or expected behavior data
  • After detected performance degradation, predict the failure moment by extrapolation
  • Order parts and/or plan maintenance, to be executed when really necessary, but in time to prevent a failure or stop.

Principal advantages of Telediagnostic are:

  • Limit local personnel to a minimum
  • Limit workload of local personnel
  • Limit risks (exposure to dangerous environments)
  • Central expertise (locally solve small problems, remotely/centralized solve complex problems by experts)
  • Efficiency: reduce travel time to get expert & system or subject together

Remote diagnostics and maintenance refers to both diagnoses of fault and taking corrective (maintenance) actions, like changing settings to improve performance or prevent problems like breakdown, wear & tear.
RM&D can replace manpower at location by experts on a central location, in order to save manpower or prevent hazardous situations.
Increasing globalization and even more complicated, delicate and expensive machinery and software, Telediagnostic offers high experienced personnel and solution, saving resources and money.

DASbox (Dynamic Monitoring Gateway device): The system has a network storage in Mirror Mode, for local data storing, sharing and back up and in local network, the i3 CPU is able to support all the applications required during Field-Testing activities, the integrated connectivity makes it fully suitable in the 'Gateway' configurations for the mixed systems management.
The system is able to use any kind of connection in unattended mode, it allows the remote control of the system, providing also the use of WAN, WI/FI, 3G, UMTS, GSM, SMS networks.
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