GS&S team is composed of highly trained specialists with intensive experience in managing software, remote diagnostics projects and in solving related issues.

The architecture of developed systems and projects is primarily applied to supervision and planning in midsize and large industrial plants with the dual objective of monitoring, supervising and optimizing production efficiency. Our software is engineered to eliminate forced outages due to failures which could cause massive production losses. In addition, our software is used in other applications for managing field service resources with increased efficiency and lowered costs.

PEMS (Predictive Emissions Monitoring System)
Turnkey system for monitoring rotating machine emissions of CO and NOx. Calculation with interface with the related monitoring panels, data acquisition and analysis by DLL calculation software, web site for visualization and control of monitoring.

Dynamic-link Libraires (DLL)
Involved in thermodynamic and engineering calculation for performances test.

FT&I Manager ("B52")
Advanced managing software used in field testing activities, able to coordinate engineering team, manage field procedure/report database.

  • Software for Cimplicity panel
  • Site connectivity
  • Plant data analysis
  • Site management

In addition, we use the following programming languages for software development: Asp, Java, Html, Asp.Net, Visual C++, Visual basic, SQL (Oracle), Cimplicity Software,Compaq Visual Fortran, Transact SQL (Microsoft SQL Server).

Thanks to skilled employees, experience and achievements in the sector in which we operate, our company offers advanced business solutions.

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