We are proud to announce that GS&S is an official reseller of GE M&C Bently Nevada products in Italy, one of the world’s leading companies for maintenance products and industrial plants management.

Thanks to this new partnership, GS&S decided to offer free field support to the customers, in order to evaluate plants conditions and to suggest possible improvements, with the aim of obtaining high productivity levels and preventing malfunctions and unplanned shutdown.

Besides our field activities and our diagnostic and telediagnostic services, our team will be able to recommend the GE M&C Bently Nevada products that will best meet customer needs.

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MODIS project

The MODIS project was created to enhance plant control and monitoring during the execution of critical tasks, such as emergency or programmed and non-programmed maintenance activities, by means of applying the latest available technologies.

The MODIS system tries to solve two fundamental requirements during these particular activities:

  •  Acquiring and storing data coming from plant sensors and systems, whether they are already installed at the plant or added for the accomplishment of the relevant activity.
  •  Supporting and monitoring remotely these critical tasks in order to minimize the anomalies in the production and speed-up the maintenance activities.

The MODIS System is able to acquire, store, display and transfer automatically all required data to carry out plant-wide, real-time monitoring of production assets, both from local, remote or locations.

  •  Customizable
  •  Configurable
  •  Reliable
  •  Portable

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