performancetestGS&S s.r.l. is an italian industrial service company founded in 2009, to provide high professional support services to plant productivity, through specialized diagnostic activity. We operate worldwide in all kind of plants including off-shore and we are able to perform our activity on machines of different manufacturers. In our team there are highly skilled mechanical engineers with ISO 18436 "Vibration analysis" certification, able to detect and to resolve anomalies of the industrial plant, software programmers able to develop automated systems for acquisition, storage and transfer of all plant data, to allow a complete and detailed monitoring both locally and remotely.

All personnel are properly trained in the use and reading of Bently Nevada systems.

  • Mechanical engineering technicians
  • Electronic/electrical engineering technicians
  • Steam process/boiler engineering technicians
  • Machinery, control system PLC/DCS instrument engineers
  • Systems engineers

Our main goal is to detect and to minimize malfunctions and production anomalies, to improve the plant efficiency and saving costs. Our services are oriented in monitoring and increasing the plant efficiency during the normal machine running, without requiring the stop of the machine.

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Via Iacopo Vignali,42
50142 Florence, Italy